I love that I make you smile
if you don't ship max george and i we can't be friends



when your friend calls you a “gold digging cock slut”



my freshman facebook page can be pretty good sometimes


my freshman facebook page can be pretty good sometimes

  • Harry: *doesn't recycle*
  • Harry girls: dark Harry


AU: When Niall proposed to Harry at the America Music Awards, it came into light that there was some jealousy in the popstar community. Rihanna was not impressed by this public display of commitment and love. After he proposed, Rihanna followed Niall to his hotel and seduced him. A few weeks later Niall split from Harry and Rihanna revealed she was pregnant with Niall’s child. Ellen is delighted that he twin brother is having a baby with such a beautiful women. After Nihanna Horan is born, Harry dies of heartbreak because the one man he loved betrayed him. Mariah Carey visits his grave every Spring. 

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wow thanks ya slut

  1. my period just came so i want to die
  2. i reread my harry/nath story i was writing you last night and wished i had motivation to continue it because it was on point wow
  3. i spent a good part of two of my classes today fantasizing about andy brown and fucking him
  4. i hate college
  5. love college boys tho
  6. i’m running out of things to say
  7. i want to go see ed but no money no transportation and school
  8. i miss my dog
  9. my dog won’t be nice to anyone now that i left and that makes me very happy as a dog owner
  10. i need a boy so send in your application please


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my mom’s concerned about how much i reflect gordon ramsay’s attitude 

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+ vs. x