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When you feel the first cramp


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Answer this with 10 things about yourself and pass it on to your 10 favorite followers ya asslamp

i’m def too lazy to pass it on so sorry for that

1. i love boys

2. i’d sell every organ of my body for one night or even an hour with max george

3. i’m not opposed to a sugar daddy

4. i’m actually house

5. i want all the doggies in the world

6. i live for chicken

7. i was rescued from a shooting

8. i was dropped as a baby tbh

9. i wasn’t supposed to have been conceived, where would you all be without me

10. i wish i was on an island with a drink and a bunch of attractive men



You + _______= Cute Couple

Tell me who you ship me with

Max making a move on Jay. X

'We can’t find words big enough to express what James means to us,' gushed Hollie, holding back tears. 'He is so sincere and so genuine. He didn’t do it for the votes. He listened to her, he engaged with her and was face-to-face with her. And he was extra careful to make sure Lily was included. I don’t know how he stands up with that heart of gold in his chest.'
Hannah’s mom on their weekend with James (via dedicatedtobtr)